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Green Chilli

Green chilli 02

Green Chilli is famous for its intense and fiery taste, which is provided by its active constituent Capsaicin. Capsaicin is medicinally very useful.

Green chilli 02
Green Chilli

Green chilli not only enhances flavor but also adds a lot of goodness to the food as it has several health benefits.  It might not suit everyone though.  But once you start eating it on a regular basis it can do wonders to your health.

Health Benefits Of Green Chilli

Green Chilli is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E and minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium.  It also has dietary fibers.

  •  It is an immunity booster.  It enhances the self defence mechanisms.
  •  It has anti-cancer properties.  Studies show that chilli promotes the death of cancer causing cells.
  • It is anti-ulcer in nature.  It provides protection against developing stomach ulcers.
  •  Chilli is known to be a good analgesic- i.e., It is a natural pain killer.
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature- It reduces the inflammation by stimulating the blood flow to that area.
  • Studies show that it has anti- epileptic properties.
  • It is helpful in the management of burns too.
  • It is also beneficial in heart disorders.  Chili reduces blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels.  Thus, it lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke. Green Chilli prevents the deposition of fats along blood vessel walls caused by free radicals.  It also lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Hence, eating Green Chilli may be considered as a tonic for the heart.
  • It is beneficial in diabetes as it enhances insulin sensitivity.
  • Eating Green Chilli enhances nasal secretions and thus provides relief from congested nose.  This is why it is an ingredient of nasal sprays.  I guess you would have experienced this.  When you have green chilli your nose starts running right??
  • It helps in reducing weight.  It is an anti-obesity agent.   I can see your smile girls!!!
  • It burns a lot of calories and helps in digestion.
  •  It possesses strong antioxidant properties.
  • It also treats constipation
  • It is also believed to be good for lungs.
  • The juice of green chilli possesses antibacterial and antifungal activities.
  • Chilli also stimulates perspiration and results in cleansing the skin and making the complexion fair. Hmmm, now I know nobody will miss the chance of incorporating green chilli in their diet.

Green Chilli Recipe

Chilli pickle

This is a quick recipe of chilli pickled in lemon juice.

You need:

  • Lemon- 1
  • Salt ( lots :P)
  • Green Chilli-5


  • Slit the green chillis and fill them with a pinch of salt and cut it into two pieces,
  • Put them in a small glass bottle and squeeze the juice of one lemon.
  • Keep it under sunlight for a day or two. Voila your chilli pickle is ready.

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